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  • The actual savings will depend on how efficiently the fleet is running prior to the installation of tracking units, but typically fleet productivity will increase by 15% as soon as the vehicles are fitted. On top of that maintenance costs will reduce by about 10% through reduced fleet abuse (over revving, harsh cornering, harsh braking, etc). That alone will cover the cost of the system. On top of that you will also spend less time and money by constantly calling the drivers to find out where they are.

  • Through visibility. The reality is that if you don't know how safely the drivers are using the vehicles, you always assume that everything is running fine. Duty of care regulations now state that it is the management's responsibility to have safety systems in place to ensure that the workplace is a safe environment. The drivers workplace is in the vehicle, so if the drivers are speeding, over revving or harsh cornering, it not only reflects badly on the company's image, but it is also a dangerous environment for the driver. It is also important to monitor a drivers operating hours from a driver fatigue perspective.

  • By looking at the workspace in Ctrack you can see a list of all the vehicles, with their current location and status (driving, speeding, ignition off, idling, etc) in real-time. That visibility allows you make informed decisions on the fly.

  • We are not trying to tell you anything new - we simply increase the efficiency, speed and accuracy of your existing information gathering process to reduce the paperwork and help you make better-informed decisions, faster. A range of reports are available at your fingertips to enable you to corroborate time sheets, assess routing effectiveness, prove your team visited a particular place (should you need to) and check on individual driving behavior.

  • Ctrack is a server-based solution which offers multi-user capability and easy-to-use yet powerful functionality – Ctrack mapping for example zooms in not only to street level but to house number level. It's a solution which allows you to set up a whole range of automatic alerting mechanisms so you don't have to be glued to the screen all day – instead, Ctrack will simply tell you when things are not going to plan so you can operate "management by exception". Ctrack is operating in fleets ranging in size from 2 vehicles to 20,000 vehicles, so the chances are it will work well for you, too.

  • Ctrack is highly cost effective and competitively priced. Pricing will vary from one organization to another depending on individual needs in terms of system configuration and numbers of users requiring access. However, it is generally true to say that a modest saving of 15 mins of time per man per day, or a fuel reduction of a couple of litres per day will mean that the system begins to pay for itself from day one. A short meeting of about an hour is generally sufficient to enable us to give you a firm price quotation.

  • Yes. The system is configurable by you the user, so you can change the configuration settings in the base station software which the system then downloads "over the air" to the units onboard your vehicles. This allows you to adapt the system as your business needs change.

  • The Ctrack base station tracking, reporting and mapping software will be loaded onto your own PC which will need to operate Windows 98 and above. The system can also be networked for additional client PCs via LAN, WAN or dialup.

  • We usually fit the sealed hardware unit covertly behind the dashboard to avoid clutter and reduce the temptation to tamper, but it can be mounted anywhere as per the client's requirement.

  • This depends on the specification of the system required, but in essence a standard "3 wire" installation (power, earth and ignition) typically takes around 90 minutes and can be done in any (ideally covered) location that is convenient for your drivers. We endeavor to prepare an installation schedule in a manner which causes minimum disruption to your business.

  • The Ctrack "black box" acts as a "mobile communications gateway" allowing you to add, for example, load sensors, panic buttons, temperature sensors, driver ID keys, door sensors and so on. The case for adding extra sensors and functionality is clearly different for every individual organization and we always assist clients to carefully think the likely cost-benefit case before committing to such additional investment.