• We usually fit the sealed hardware unit covertly behind the dashboard to avoid clutter and reduce the temptation to tamper, but it can be mounted anywhere as per the client's requirement. We also have portable units available which either plugs into the cigarette lighter plug of the vehicle, or into the OBD diagnostic plug (which is standard on every vehicle manufactured after 1998.

  • This depends on the specification of the system required, but in essence a standard 3 wire installation (power, earth and ignition) typically takes around 90 minutes and can be done in any (ideally covered) location that is convenient for your drivers. We endeavor to prepare an installation schedule in a manner which causes minimum disruption to your business.

  • No, we use trained and recognized auto-electricians to install the units.

  • The Ctrack black box acts as a mobile communications gateway allowing you to add, for example, load sensors, panic buttons, temperature sensors, driver ID keys, door sensors and so on. The case for adding extra sensors and functionality is clearly different for every individual organization and we always assist clients to carefully think the likely cost-benefit case before committing to such additional investment.