• Yes. The system provides a comprehensive suite of management reports which have been developed with the input of customers worldwide. Additionally, Ctrack supports ODBC to allow organizations with IT expertise to interact with the Ctrack database directly or pull the data across to a separate application for bespoke reporting purposes using a reporting tool of their choice. In the same way, ODBC also supports the development of interfaces to planning and other back office systems (a whole range of third party planning systems have already been interfaced to). Organizations with less IT expertise still benefit from the simple ability to export Ctrack reports into Excel where further manipulation can take place.

  • It depends on which system you want to use. The most popular way to access the tracking data is simply to log on to our Ctrack Online website and log in with the credentials provided.
    The other option is to use our Ctrack Mobi website that has been designed for iPhones and Android devices.
    Clients with large fleets can also choose to host the data internally. This will require the Ctrack Maxx Enterprise software to be installed on a computer running windows server and SQL.