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GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Please select your industry on the left for industry specific tracking solutions.

We have a wide range of hardware available, with a wide variety of capabilities.

The hardware options are listed below:

  • Ctrack Insure unit is a "Theft Protection" unit with basic features.
  • Ctrack Secure unit is an entry level GPS vehicle tracking system with real-time tracking features
  • Ctrack Assist unit is a high spec fleet management system with a large array of features including driver ID, 4 inputs and 2 outputs.
  • Ctrack Solo unit is our top of the range unit that has 18 inputs, 3 outputs, Canbus (J1708, J1939, OBDII, and various others). It also has driver display and navigation / dispatch capabilities, as well as capabilities to communicate via Satellite and other 3rd party systems.

How Ctrack’s technology & solutions package differs from other vehicle tracking technologies

  • Ctrack has optional in-cab Driver Behaviour Unit giving drivers live and real-time feedback on driving styles
  • Ctrack has three-way accelerometer technology in the actual tracking unit
  • Ctrack has optional Business v’s Private mileage switches fitted in vehicles
  • Ctrack has optional Driver ID functionality to verify who’s driving which vehicle at any given time
  • Ctrack comes with a highly configurable system with unique scheduled reporting for automated delivery of reports
  • Ctrack’s connected Navigation and Messaging incorporates Driver Behaviour Feedback (incorporating ‘truck attributes’ for HGV navigation when used in trucks)
  • Ctrack allows access to the system for field-based management via their smartphone or tablet pc
  • Lone-worker tracking, tracing & reporting units
  • Portable (battery powered and re-chargeable) units for trailer tracking
  • Unique ‘soft-connect’ CAN touch technology which won’t void vehicle manufacturer’s warranties