Integrated Camera Solution

The C-track Secure Cost-effective real-time tracking and security system has been specifically designed for personal vehicles. It is focused on combating unauthorized vehicle use, and also allows you to monitor a vehicles movements from any computer with a internet connection, or from your mobile phone.
With C-track Secure your vehicle is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you personally can monitor and locate your vehicles with the simple touch of a button.
Car theft, hijacking and kidnapping are unfortunately a reality in todays society. With C-track Secure installed you have taken the first step in protecting your assets, should the unthinkable happen.
Using only your mobile phone or an internet connection you can now enjoy greater peace of mind, knowing the location and status of your vehicle, thanks to C-track Australia's advanced technology.
EmergencySend an SMS message from your cell phone for emergency or panic assistance.
Locate your vehicleSend an SMS message from your cell phone to test your C-track Secure in your family or driver.s vehicle and to find out where they are. One SMS is all it takes to be notified of your car.s exact whereabouts.
Daily Health CheckCtrack Support Centre is notified daily on the functional health of the C-track Secure, so we will let you know if your system is not working.
Battery Tamper WarningWhen power to the unit is interfered with in any way, a proactive warning is sent to the user.
Latest Location TechnologyPatented real satellite tracking technology using GPS & GSM location methods.
Cell phone accessThree authorised users can request position, speed and status information via SMS, from the C-track Secure unit, right down to street and suburb name.
Internet accessUsing an Internet connection and the C-track Secure Web application, users can view the current and historical locations of their vehicles on maps right down to street level. Replay your vehicle.s last 24 positions via Internet web access and get detailed trip-by trip reports of its activities and information such as maximum speed.
Electronic logbookThe C-track Secure Web application automatically creates a very easily maintained electronic Logbook.
Proactive Area ManagementC-track Secure allows you to create a Preferred Movement Area generating an alarm if this area is breached. Should your vehicle move out of your pre-defi ned area, a warning message will be sent to your cell phone for immediate response.
Early warning movement sensorC-track Secure has an internal movement sensor, allowing it to identify vehicle movement even when the ignition is off .
Watch modeBy just sending an SMS to your C-track Secure unit, you can ensure that you are immediately alerted while in meetings or shopping, if the vehicle moves, regardless of whether the ignition is on or off .
For business people with an interest in managing for example, a fleet of light vehicles, the C-track Secure Web Client gives access to current location and status, trip information as well as historical information on user friendly maps or reports, both of which can be viewed on screen before deciding to print. The Business/Private classification of the trips further adds to the usefulness of the C-track Secure Plus for the small business owner.
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C-track Australia's C-track Secure is also an investment in the security of your vehicles, whether it.s a small fleet of utility vehicles or your own private family vehicles. With more than 400,000 C-track onboard units installed in worldwide, and over 10000 locally, C-track Australia.s proven track and trace technology is available to you, tailored for the security needs of car owners and small fleets.
C-track Secure allows you to ascertain the location and status of your vehicles at any time using only your Mobile phone or an Internet connection.
In addition, C-track Secure stores historical Information so you can monitor productivity by establishing your vehide's movements for the day.
C-track Secure's proactive nature also means that should your vehicle be driven out of a pre-defined area, the system will send a warning message to your cell phone.
An optional immobisation switch allows the C-track Support Centre to immobilise your vehicle remotely and safely in the event of a hi-jacking or theft.
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Corroborating the details of an incident or accident has never been simpler thanks to Ctrack’s Integrated Camera solution. This mobile video recording (MVR) system, consisting of up to four cameras, ties in seamlessly with our Fleet Management offerings to give you a trusted account of what happened.

Triggered by an incident such as a high g-force impact, the camera system stores a recording or snapshots of the interval before, during and after an incident, making the amount of footage relevant and practical for viewing.

Cameras are generally mounted to provide a forward-facing, in-cab and cargo area view – enabling critical surveillance and remote monitoring that’s ideal for most fleet operations.

And to ensure complete operational efficiency, the footage is automatically uploaded to Ctrack’s Fleet Management software whenever the vehicle enters a trusted Wi-Fi zone. This means it’s always available for online viewing and reporting purposes, and gives you more time to keep an eye on your fleet.


    For pricing information, please give our local call centre a call on 1300 729 333