OBDII Fuel and RPM Reader










Ctrack’s OBDII Fuel Reader provides real-time fuel economy data – assisting fleet operators, small and large, to manage their fuel related costs.

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A lot of industries make use of sub-contractors on short or long term contracts, and in some cases these contractors change frequently. This makes it very difficult to track the vehicles whilst they are working for you. The sub-contractor possibly also swaps vehicles around frequently so you can.t force them to fit a permanent tracking system. The simple answer is to give the contractors a portable unit that is to be used whilst working for you. This will give you all the benefits of tracking the vehicles, monitoring any delays, demurrage charges, speeding, etc, without the politics involved in forcing sub-contractors to fit tracking equipment to a vehicle if they don.t always run for you or know which vehicles they are going to allocate.
The portable units are available for outright purchase or short and long term rentals. The short term rentals have proven popular with Civil Transport operators with short term contracts.
Why Ctrack?
Ctrack has over 15 years. experience in the fleet management sector, with an installed base of over 10000 locally (600000 internationally) that includes many large Australian transport corporations, including Australia Post, Armesto.s Transport, Scottcorp, Rio Tinto, Caltex, BHP Billiton and many others. We have the largest installation network in Australia, with a product that is manufactured under strict ISO.9001 standards.
The Ctrack system uses 3 types of Geo-fences. These are Preferred Areas, No-Go Zones and Waypoints. Preferred areas can be used to control where a vehicle is allowed to operate. For example if a vehicle is only allowed to operate on a construction site and is never allowed to leave the site, you can create an area all the way around the site which will alarm if the vehicle exits the area. You can then also use the No-Go zones to monitor when a vehicle enters an illegal area, for example a road / bridge / tunnel that the vehicle can not use at all, or during specific hours. Waypoints are used to monitor the time spent within a specific zone. This can be used for delay charges (demurrage) for pick ups and deliveries.
Some civil companies use the Geo-Fences to generate an output on the Ctrack unit which will turn on a 3rd party device whilst in a geo-fenced area. This can be used to automatically turn on the lights on the roof of the vehicle whilst on a work site, or start a MP3 player that tells the driver to wear his / her hi-vis jacket and hardhat.
Duress Alarm
The portable devices are compatible with either hard wired or remote panic buttons. The system will forward a text message to up to 3 mobile phone numbers as soon as the duress alarm is activated with the vehicle details and street address of the vehicle.

Typically, fuel accounts for more than a quarter of all operating costs for light commercial vehicles and car fleets. By adding Ctrack’s OBDII Fuel Reader* to your vehicle tracking solution you will have access to important fuel consumption, carbon emissions and RPM information through Ctrack’s software applications – giving you the visibility and means to actively manage your fuel related costs. You are also able to compare fuel usage between vehicle types, drivers, departments and cost centres giving a more accurate view of your operations and consumption.

Ctrack’s OBDII Fuel Reader simply fits into the vehicle’s OBDII maintenance port and reads directly from the engine control unit.

* Requires compatible Ctrack iS series hardware.

Cost Saving

  • Complements driver behaviour solution for fuel savings
  • Reduced maintenance costs through fuel efficient driving

Quick Return on Investment

  • Immediate access to fuel consumption data
  • Real returns within a short period

Data Accuracy

  • Reads directly from the vehicle
  • No reliance on manual calculations or estimations

Easy Installation

  • Fits into OBDII port
  • Fully upgradeable over-the-air

Real-time Alert and Reporting

  • Accessible via Ctrack’s internet tracking website

Key Reports

  • Fuel economy (miles per gallon, kilometres per litre)
  • Carbon emissions (CO2)
  • RPM