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Ctrack news

Ctrack launches tracking solution for Couriers and Express Delivery fleets

Ctrack launches tracking solution for Couriers and Express Delivery fleets Ctrack, has launched a vehicle tracking solution aimed specifically at the courier and... read more...

Ctrack launches OTR Touch Screen In-Vehicle Display

Ctrack®, a global leader in vehicle monitoring and fleet management technology provider, unveiled a new product to enhance their portfolio, called Ctrack... read more...

The benifits of tracking for the mining industry

*Mining is a tough, stressful environment where accidents can and do happen. Thus the more systems are in place to ensure health... read more...

IVMS Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracking systems

Ctrack Australia specialises in providing GPS vehicle tracking solutions to fleet operators across Australia. We are a distributor of the Ctrack range of products in Australia.

We have a range of real-time GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management systems that can be customised to suit fleet specific needs. The systems are currently installed into everything from motorcycles, personal vehicles, busses, heavy haulage trucks and even helicopters and boats. We have been in operation for over 18 years and are currently tracking some of the largest corporate fleets in Australia.

The Ctrack system provides a sophisticated GPS vehicle tracking tool that adopts the latest technology to provide comprehensive real-time, fleet location & status information. There are more than 800000 Ctrack units in operation Worldwide, and over 10000 in Australia.

We currently have 4 products available which range from our basic personal system through to our fully integrated Solo fleet management system. This allows you to pick a system that suits your commercial and technical GPS vehicle tracking requirements.

Ctrack Australia works in partnership with our customers to develop solutions that deliver measurable business and operational benefits by providing total visibility and control of mobile assets and mobile work forces. Ctrack Australia utilises a range of vehicle location, fleet management, satellite navigation and security tools, to provide commercial vehicle, van and car fleet operators with scalable solutions that offer flexibility, reliability and functionality.


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