Marine Industry


It is important to monitor your marine assets, not only to protect against theft, but to protect against other potential problems like Engine-wear, Excess RPM, Excess Fuel-usage and bilge pump activation whilst docked.

The Ctrack Solo GPS tracking Marine system has been specifically developed for the marine industry, and therefore focuses on areas that are particularly important in the industry. The Solo unit has a J1939 Engine interface that allows the operator to view and download engine statistics like RPM, Speed, Engine Fault codes, Excess Idle, Oil Pressure, Water Temp, etc. You can also, for example, monitor whether both engines were running during an incident.

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Why Ctrack?

We are a distributor of the Ctrack range of products in Australia. Ctrack has over 20 years experience in the fleet management sector, with an installed base of over 10000 locally (600000 internationally) that includes many large Australian transport corporations, including Australia Post, Armesto.s Transport, Scottcorp, Rio Tinto, Caltex, BHP Billiton and many others. Ctrack Marine users include Sydney Water Police and NSW Maritime. We have the largest installation network in Australia, with a product that is manufactured under strict ISO.9001 standards.

Engine Management

Ctrack's advanced engine management interface (DMM) has been in use in Australian Transport operators for more then 3 years. The system provides the base operator with a real-time view of each vessel.s fuel economy and RPM statistics. This allows the base operator to identify engine problems before it.s too late.

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Service and Maintenance Manager

The Ctrack Maintenance manager allows operators to manage the maintenance on all vessels. Because the Ctrack unit knows what the odometer is in each vehicle, it allows you to enter the servicing information, for example the last service odometer, engine hours, the service intervals, and what was done at the last service. The system will pop up at a set interval before the next service is due.

It also allows you to manage the Rego on each vehicle, as well as the drivers licensing details.

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